Assisting First Financial Holding in accelerating its entry into the offshore fund master agent business.

The recent collaboration between First Financial Holding and the largest personal trust bank in the United States, North American Trust Global Investment Corporation, marks a significant entry into the thriving offshore fund master agent business. The fact that Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Company chose the solution provided by Systemweb Technologies as the system provider is a testament to its effectiveness and efficiency in system development. This choice has enabled Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Company to promptly enter the overseas fund market.

Systemweb Technologies’ “Off-Shore Fund System” (OFS) has emerged as the top solution for agencies involved in offshore fund business. It not only enabled Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Company to successfully go online but has also been adopted by over ten domestic general agency operators, including Cathay Investment Trust, Fubon Investment Trust, AIA Investment Trust, Polaris Securities, and Prudential Asset Management, among others. Systemweb Technologies’ primary goal is to assist businesses in conducting various offshore fund master agent operations, harnessing the benefits of integration and achieving diverse functionality on a single platform. OFS not only optimizes communication, management, and integration of internal business processes but also results in substantial savings in terms of software, hardware, and manpower training costs. In the highly competitive fund industry, this greatly enhances operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

The “Off-Shore Fund System” (OFS) is built on the latest technology, utilizing the .NET framework. It can be further customized to meet the specific needs of clients. Whether it’s environment configuration, basic system operation management, basic data management, company and branch data management, beneficiary management, various fund data configuration, fund subscription and redemption management, marketing and direct sales business management, fund beneficiary distribution management, customer service management, or TDCC platform integration, OFS offers significant integration benefits. Furthermore, OFS assists clients in concurrently establishing operations management encompassing Master Agent, Sales Agent, and distribution channels. It addresses the requirements of various units involved in offshore fund management effectively.

The system features of OFS are as follows:
  • Integrating the “Master Agent Mechanism” and the “Sales Agent Mechanism” into a single platform.
  • All operational processes related to overseas funds, including transactions, calculations, data transmission, etc., have been seamlessly integrated into the digital platform. Furthermore, this platform is interconnected with customer service operations, ensuring that both users and management find it convenient to operate and manage.

  • The operational processing workflow complies with all regulatory requirements set forth by the current regulatory authorities, ensuring adherence to data flow standards.
  • During the system implementation process, in addition to collaborating with consultants and technical teams, a project management approach was adopted to establish operational mechanisms that align with the needs of the industry.
  • Having both a form application and a web application.
  • Integrating risk management and audit control into transaction and operational processes
  • The system features comprehensive functionality and is built with parameterization, making it highly flexible and adaptable.

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