Introducing Robo-Advisor ONE. Partnering with Systex and Morningstar.

【Source: China Times】
Systex【6214】 collaborates with international investment research institution Morningstar to launch the first-of-its-kind “Wall Street-level” Robo-Advisor ONE, a robot financial advisory solution in Taiwan. This partnership enables Taiwanese financial institutions to align with global trends and offer investors the most popular robot financial advisory services.

Robo-Advisor ONE distinguishes itself from traditional robo-advisory solutions that generate investment portfolios based on efficient frontier models and offer self-service options to investors. It is the first to adopt profit and risk prediction algorithms that have already seen success in Europe and the United States through Morningstar. Additionally, it utilizes personalized and precise portfolio construction techniques. It continuously updates market information through fund research data and fund ratings to stay informed about the latest market trends. This comprehensive and innovative robo-advisory solution provides users with a “Wall Street-level” experience, setting a new benchmark for introducing robo-advisory solutions into Taiwan’s financial industry.

Robo-Advisor ONE also leverages the technical integration of Systex and Systemweb to provide innovative service experience models, including AI responses, mobile apps, and web platforms. This allows Taiwanese financial institutions, upon implementation, to offer investors localized, personalized, and more macro-oriented portfolio advisory services. Furthermore, Robo-Advisor ONE aims to serve the Greater China market, providing an opportunity for financial institutions in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to adopt a “Wall Street-level” robo-advisory solution.

The CEO of Morningstar Asia, expressed that Morningstar is a global leader in independent third-party investment research institutions. They provide professional financial information, analysis, and research on products such as funds and stocks to individual investors, investment advisors, asset management companies, and institutional investors. Additionally, they offer investment management and advisory services to institutional investors. In this collaboration, Morningstar will provide relevant financial data, as well as resources like their investment research team. They will also integrate the Wealth Forecasting Engine (WFE), drawing from Morningstar’s over 20 years of experience in asset allocation and investment research. This will be applied to the collaboration, allowing for versatile scenario simulations through flexible parameter inputs. Furthermore, investors can tailor their investment portfolio recommendations to suit their individual needs, making it convenient to plan for their financial future with a personalized wealth strategy.

Mr. Hsieh Tung-yueh, the CEO of Systemweb, explained that Systemweb specializes in the financial and wealth management fields, with asset management and wealth management solutions as its two core focuses in the Taiwan market. The collaboration between Systemweb and Morningstar aims to provide financial institutions with a professional and trustworthy research resource and integrate core portfolio allocation with automated operational processes. The solution includes a portfolio trading platform, ROBO API integration platform, and takes into consideration integration issues between various trading systems to accommodate the diverse needs of different financial entities. This approach ensures that financial institutions can quickly implement this solution while retaining their individuality and differentiation in offering Robo Advisor services.

The collaborative launch of Robo-Advisor ONE by the three parties showcases the application of cutting-edge technology. Robo-Advisor ONE features a world-class Advisory technology core, a rich and continuously updated fund research dataset, and automated trading execution capabilities. It can be accessed through various channels such as AI responses, mobile apps, and web platforms. This allows financial institutions to stay at the forefront of FinTech innovation and offer investors a comprehensive robotic financial advisory service for their wealth management needs.

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