Systemweb and Systex collaborate to jointly launch financial asset solutions

Source: Central News Agency
Systex (6214) announced today that it is partnering with Systemweb Technologies to introduce an integrated front, middle, and back-office automation solution for asset management. This solution provides the necessary functionalities for fund distribution and creates a one-stop service for financial asset management. Franck, Head of Systex Greater China Financial Services, stated that the financial clients served by Systex and Systemweb collectively manage assets exceeding 50% of Taiwan’s fund market, making them the largest asset management solution provider in Taiwan.

Franck stated, “We hope to leverage Systex’s leading advantages in financial information and cross-strait trading platforms, along with Systemweb’s successful experience in asset management. This collaboration will not only solidify our dominant market position in Taiwan but also focus on the burgeoning asset management financial market in China. We aim to promote the development of the local asset management market and become the preferred service partner for the financial industry in the Greater China region.”

Systemweb Technologies’s General Manager, Hsieh Tung-Yueh, stated that following the signing of the Cross-Strait Financial Supervisory Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), domestic fund management companies have been actively applying for QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor) qualifications in China to seize the first wave of opportunities. Additionally, as China gradually opens up its regulations, there is expected to be significant growth in the local demand for asset management solutions, making the market outlook quite promising.

Hsieh Tung-Yueh mentioned that Systex has established a presence in mainland China over the years, with a well-structured distribution network and service capabilities in the Chinese market. Combined with Systemweb’s expertise in asset management services, they hope to replicate the successful experience from Taiwan and successfully enter the Chinese market. Systex stated that in addition to introducing Taiwan’s first asset trading management front, middle, and back-office automation solution, they are leading the industry by proposing the “Fund Operations Cloud Outsourcing Solution” based on the concept of cloud services. This allows customers to outsource the intricate technical infrastructure and management tasks, and pay based on the resources used. This approach can significantly reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and improve competitiveness.

Systex currently holds a 35% stake in Systemweb, making it the largest institutional shareholder in Systemweb. The collaboration between the two companies is focused on integrating solutions and expanding their respective customer domains. They aim to maintain their leading position in the Taiwan market while primarily targeting the expansion into the Greater China market.

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