Employee Benefit Trust

The Financial Supervisory Commission strongly promotes Trust 2.0 “all-round trust”, one of the key points is to encourage enterprises to handle employee welfare trusts. Systemweb Technology has a complete employee benefit trust system. A single platform not only can meet the needs of financial institutions to promote various employee benefit services. It also has experience in financial institutions that have successfully launched smoothly. It can assist banks to quickly build systems and start business smoothly.

  • We can support everything from corporate talent retention, stock ownership trusts to encourage employees, employee dividend stocks, restricted stock trusts, to employee-selected targets.
  • Employee stock trust, employee stock ownership trust, and employee benefit trusts are integrated into the same platform, and relevant basic information can be shared to meet customers’ rapid business expansion needs.
  • The employee benefit saving trust system supports both net worth and unit calculation, allowing financial institutions to flexibly plan the employee benefit system of the enterprise according to the individual needs of the enterprise.
  • Online banking can be integrated to provide employees with functions related to inventory inquiry, stock trust selling instructions and ex-rights dividend details, supporting multiple services.
  • Adopting an open technical architecture can meet the needs of financial industry users, information security requirements and information development trends.