Sustainability matters in every step you take

A Pilgrimage to Mother Earth

Systemweb has arranged multiple mountain cleanup events, during which every member of the Systemweb team collaborates while hiking to collect litter that doesn’t belong in the mountains. This endeavor restores a wholesome environment to nature. Through these cleanup initiatives, participants come to appreciate their role in environmental preservation and contemplate the detrimental consequences of human-generated waste on the ecological balance.

Environmental Protection

Systemweb periodically donates laptops that have been replaced but are still functioning to children in remote areas. This initiative ensures that underprivileged students in rural areas have access to educational resources, preventing their learning from being hindered by limited life resources.

We offer full sponsorship for the Public Welfare Run to encourage our colleagues to participate actively.Since 2005, the Public Welfare Run has been held annually in front of the Taipei City Hall Plaza, attracting an average of over 20,000 participants each year. In 2013, for the first time, the entire registration fee of 100 NT dollars was donated to the Home-Starting Foundation to establish the ‘Hope Classroom,’ supporting digital education development. Starting from 2017, the donated funds have also established the ‘Star Bright Scholarship,’ pledging to provide education and development opportunities for children with special talents in arts and sports.

  • Fulfilling social responsibilities.

  • Continuously investing in the care for children in rural areas.

  • Full sponsorship for the Public Welfare Run

Unveiling Excellence Through Diverse Pathways

Through diversified channels such as job banks, campus recruitment, on-site job fairs, and employee referrals, we fulfill our corporate social responsibility and actively promote employment opportunities for young talents in society.

  • Corporate Internship Program: Offering internship opportunities to students from various domestic universities, and upon completion of the internship period, providing the interns with the chance to stay on as full-fledged employees.
  • Campus Recruitment: Participating in job fairs and corporate briefings held at various domestic universities, where the CEO personally delivers speeches to provide explanations. Additionally, recruitment materials are published in relevant departments such as Computer Science, Information Management, and Finance, welcoming recent graduates to submit their resumes.

Health and Safety Workplace

Systemweb receiveed the ‘Healthy Workplace – Health Initiative Badge’ certificate awarded by the National Health Agency.”

Supportive Workplace

We strictly prohibit any form of sexual harassment in the workplace and have established measures for prevention, reporting, and disciplinary actions against such behavior. We also have a dedicated hotline and email address for reporting incidents of sexual harassment, ensuring the confidentiality and rights of the complainants. Our aim is to create a friendly and secure working environment for all employees.

Health Management

We regularly organize health examinations for our employees, exceeding regulatory requirements, to diagnose their physical health. We go beyond regulations in the scope of our tests. We arrange for occupational physicians and nurses to provide regular health management services on-site, offering the following health services: analysis and assessment of mandatory health examination results, evaluation and case management with health advice for high-risk employees, and employee health promotion seminars.

Comfortable Working Environment

We have upgraded the hardware equipment in our office, including ergonomic chairs and large-sized computer monitors, to reduce the risk of ergonomic hazards. Additionally, we have placed Automated External Defibrillator (AED) emergency equipment within the company premises and offer training in first aid procedures, ensuring that we are prepared to provide immediate assistance in the event of an accident.