Separate Account Investment System (SA)

The Separated Account Investment Management System is a tailor-made management system designed specifically for the needs of the life insurance industry engaged in variable product investment management. Its primary objective is to assist clients in consolidating order information under protection, effectively track the market value and profit/loss status of different product types held by various companies. The system automates order placement, foreign exchange transactions, settlements, fund allocation, and generates accounting vouchers. Additionally, it provides comprehensive data, statistical reports, and improves work efficiency while saving management time.

Targets :Life Insurance, Enterprises that require management and utilization of proprietary funds for investments

  • Consolidating client order and response information
  • We provide a user-friendly query function that allows you to easily access pending customer order data that has not been responded to.
  • Investment Order and Reporting Process for Mutual Fund , ETF, Structured Note, Monetory Account, etc.
  • Order placement can be processed through either direct or transfer methods, based on choice.
  • Capable of handling transactions and accounting related to deductions from balances, dividends, dividend reinvestment, and more.
  • Automatically generate documents related to orders, foreign exchange, and settlements.
  • Calculation and accrual of commission refunds for fund company.
  • Generate comprehensive accounting information and export the general ledger.
  • The estimated NOT COMPLETED transactions and inventory evaluation at the end of the month.
  • Provide reports related to RBC and the association.