Robo Advisory

The implementation of robot-advisory financial services, from the initial phase to product launch and through financial regulatory reviews, requires extensive consultancy and integration efforts. The members of FinRobo Advisor possess financial technology expertise, have a thorough understanding of relevant regulations in Taiwan, and are familiar with Morningstar methodologies. This ensures the smooth operation of robo-advisory financial services and assists business units in meeting regulatory review requirements. Systemweb is capable of developing various customized solutions that integrate with middle and back-office systems, ensuring that the robo-advisory financial services meet business needs while also considering the feasibility of implementation.

Targets :Bank, Fund House, Investment Advisory, Securities Firm

  • One-Stop Investment Advisory: From Business Onboarding to Regular Reviews
  • Integration with Globally Renowned Investment Firms- Morningstar
  • Localized Implementation of Morningstar Services: Portfolio Asset Allocation and Portfolio Advisory Services
  • Integrated Asset Management & Wealth Management Back-Middle Office