Order Management System(OMS)

The Electronic Order Management System allows users to place stock orders with various brokers through the internet and receive real-time feedback from the brokers. It offers three main order trading modes: DMA (Direct Market Access), TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) and Desk Order, which can be combined with investment decision documents and execution reports. This system enables instant transmission of order and feedback messages, providing quick updates on trading status, effectively reducing manpower costs, minimizing manual tasks, and enabling investment units to transition towards using strategy orders for medium to long-term planning.

Targets :Fund House, Life Insurance Company, Bank and Securities Firm

  • Integrating trading order processes into the IMS: This integration encompasses a wide range of financial instruments and derivative products commonly found in the market, including but not limited to: Domestic and Foreign Bond, Stock, Index Future,Interest Rate Future, Index Option, Mutual Fund, Short-term investment, Time Deposit, Credit Trading, CSS, IRS, etc.
  • High Efficiency and Low Costs: By placing orders through online platforms, communication costs with brokers via mail or telephone can be reduced significantly. This method also ensures greater market priority and timeliness.
  • Diverse and Flexible Order Modes: Our platform offers various execution order types of price, including Market, Limit, Market on Close, and more. Users can place DMA, TWAP, Desk Order while still retaining the flexibility of traditional order methods, but with enhanced speed and convenience.
  • Reduced Manual Workload: The system automatically receives broker feedback, thereby reducing manual workload and the occurrence of errors.
  • International Standard FIX Gateway Format: Our system adopts the widely used FIX Gateway (Financial Information Exchange) format for international data exchange and has integrated a trading engine. Clients have the flexibility to choose between Bloomberg or FIXNet channels based on their specific requirements.
  • Real-Time Risk Management: Our system enables real-time risk management with each order placement, reducing the risk of investment breaches and exceeding limits.