Offshore Fund Transfer Agent System(OFD)

For a long time, offshore funds have remained a favored financial product among investors. Whether in the mutual fund industry, investment advisory sector, securities firms, banks, or life insurance companies, offshore funds are regarded as a crucial component of wealth management offerings. The current framework categorizes overseas fund operations into two roles: ‘Master Agent’ and ‘Sales Agent.’ Systemweb Technologies can cater to the needs of both Master Agent and Sales Agent, providing a comprehensive, convenient, and integrated solution.

Targets: Fund House, Investment Advisory, Securities Firm, Insurance Company and various investment departments and investment managers.

  • Highly adaptable system:Offshore fund companies have varied regulations and fund structures. The system is designed with parameterized configurations to achieve maximum operational flexibility in accommodating diverse workflows.
  • Seamless integration of user interface:Seamless integration of Master Agent and Sales Agent, ensuring consistency in both operational interface and system logic.
  • Customer Identity Integration: Customers only need to open a single account to conduct transactions for both individual accounts and comprehensive accounts. If the domestic fund management system is also adopted, integrated domestic and overseas beneficiary account opening is provided.
  • Fulfilling Localization Regulatory Reporting Requirements: Integrating with the centralized depository reporting platform and trading platform data exchange processes, seamlessly incorporating them into daily operational workflows.
  • B Share Trading and Account Segregation Processing.
  • Convenient Query and Customer Service.
  • Customizable Reports and Various Option Codes: Users can configure report approval columns, add explanatory notes, and define various option codes as needed.
  • Data Reconciliation without Omissions: Each transaction is managed with a unique reference number, ensuring no data is overlooked.
  • Seamless System Consistency: Integrated domestic and overseas beneficiary account opening (if the Onshore Transfer Agent System is simultaneously adopted); online appointment for account opening, and seamless data transfer for offshore fund online transactions (if the Onshore Transfer Agent System is simultaneously adopted).