Investment Restriction & Guideline System (IRG)

In response to the rapidly changing investment market and regulatory requirements from supervisory authorities, Systemweb aims to assist its clients in conducting investment operations and complying with investment restrictions efficiently, flexibly, and conveniently. The system facilitates monitoring in a comprehensive manner to ensure adherence to regulations, enabling clients to fulfill all internal and external compliance needs, including regulatory checks, limit management, and other compliance-related tasks within their investment or compliance departments.

Targets :Investment(Fund Company), Investment Consultants, Banks, Securities, Insurance Company

  • Factor disassembly and quantitative control: Breaking down regulatory clauses into parameterized factors and assembling them into operational logic for various regulations; encompassing credit ratings, regional classifications, and other factors that can be quantitatively controlled.
  • Highly flexible parameterized construction enables a versatile framework where different regulatory specifications can be defined based on various investment contracts, control targets, or investment portfolios.
  • Comprehensive monitoring process: The monitoring covers every aspect without limitations on timing or content, encompassing pre-order, post-settlement, fixed intervals, internal regulations, external controls, investment compliance, limit management, etc…
  • Report generation facilitates verification for relevant staff: Utilizing a flexible approach, comprehensive reports provide detailed information for checks on alerts, restrictions, compliance, and configuration settings, ensuring complete disclosure of relevant data.
  • The system possesses expandability and scalability through its integrated, modular, and parameterized design, allowing flexible adjustments, configurations, and expansions according to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Seamless integration across systems: The independently configured monitoring platform can be tightly integrated with investment-related systems, ensuring smooth and seamless communication between them.