Investment Management System

IMS provides the investment sector with the most effective integrated investment management mechanism ever. An effective control mechanism connects the four key operating processes for investment. You can immediately grasp the movement within investments and audit risk.

Targets: Fund House, Investment Advisory, Securities Firm, Insurance Company and various investment departments and investment managers.

  • Comprehensive financial instrument and data integration: The system can seamlessly combine various financial products and relevant information sources, including market data and trading data, through an automated import mechanism.
  • Comprehensive process planning: The system includes pre-trade check with simulation and calculation functionalities for investment trading, as well as post-trade check with an IRG regulatory control mechanism. This setup allows for accurate estimation of investment returns and risks, enabling informed decision-making and risk management.
  • Investment portfolio simulation: The system can estimate the impact of various market risk factors on asset changes and profit/loss outcomes for real or virtual investment portfolios under different scenario assumptions. This functionality enables users to assess how their portfolios would perform in different market conditions and make informed decisions based on the simulation results.
  • Manager-centric design consideration: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, prioritizing the needs and convenience of investment managers. It allows them to have real-time access to information and swiftly grasp changes in their investment portfolios.
  • Order system integration: The system incorporates automated electronic trading capabilities, enabling trading units to promptly and efficiently access transaction information. This integration streamlines the order process, facilitating real-time access to trading data and enhancing trading efficiency.