Portfolio Asset Management

PAM has assisted local firms in Taiwan to manage more than 340 Billion in funds (approx. 11.3 billion USD). Clients are mostly foreign funded enterprises, domestic large scale investment and financial control companies. Provides complete transactions, inventory, income distribution, and accounting information for each financial product. Provides relevant analysis, control, and management reports, and can be used to calculate and generate the net value of funds. On a daily basis, our system automatically generates relevant settlement, interest estimation, valuation, and accounting voucher premium/discount based on the trading items and financial product characteristics. Additionally, it can generate the necessary reports required by regulatory authorities, aiding our clients in achieving operational management optimization.

Target: Fund House, Fund Operation Outsourcing Companies

  • Comprehensive Financial Product Offerings: Our platform includes a wide range of commonly traded financial products and derivatives available in the market, such as domestic and foreign bonds, stocks, index futures, interest rate futures, index options, funds, short-term investments, time deposits, credit trading, CCS, IRS, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Delicate and Thoughtful Operation Design, Allowing Users to Accomplish Daily Tasks with Utmost Simplicity.
  • Our operational workflow is integrated with practicality, ensuring that each step is accompanied by relevant reports to assist users in data verification. Additionally, the system provides various accounting reports to support accounting reconciliation, effectively reducing the burden on human resources.
  • We closely adhere to regulatory standards, and our system is designed to generate the necessary data for submission to STICA and Trust Association. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates smooth communication with regulatory authorities.
  • Our system is designed with expandability and scalability. It adopts an integrated, modular, and parameterized design, allowing for flexible adjustments and expansion of functionality based on our clients’ specific needs. For example, it can easily accommodate the latest support for foreign currency-denominated funds and multi-currency funds.
  • Our system ensures seamless and consistent integration across multiple platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated with Transfer Agent Solution(TA), allowing for automated daily data updates, including subscription and redemption data, net asset value, and outstanding units in circulation.Furthermore, it can be further integrated with OMS to enable automatic order placement and result reporting across various brokerage firms.If IRG (Investment Regulation Guideline System) is also acquired, it can be complemented by rigorous investment limit management and flexible control settings, providing comprehensive audit controls.