General Account Investment System(GA)

The main purpose of the system is to assist clients in processing post-investment transaction-related operations such as reporting, settlement, fund allocation, and accounting. after the completion of proprietary fund investment transactions. This helps fulfill the needs of various departments, such as investment, treasury, accounting, and auditing, in managing their proprietary fund utilization. The system also aligns with investment restrictions and internal processes, reducing operational risks for clients and enhancing operational efficiency.

Targets :Life Insurance, Enterprises that require management and utilization of proprietary funds for investments

  • Supports Daily Processes: Provides control for four departments – Trading, Settlement, Risk Management, and Finance – overseeing operations.
  • Be able to integrate with the back-end accounting system of insurance companies for data transfer operations.
  • Rigorous Audit and Control.
  • Flexible Investment Control Configuration.
  • Flexible Automated Scheduling Configuration: Daily reconciliation/month-end valuation, and regulatory compliance checks.
  • Diverse Reporting: Offers management reports such as cash flows, accounting statements, inventory repository; monthly and annual reports, as well as RBC-related financial examination reports.
  • Comprehensive Investment Product Coverage: Encompasses fund allocation, stocks, funds, bonds, short-term notes, fixed deposits, futures, foreign exchange, and derivative products.