Discretionary Accounting Management System(DAM)

In order to streamline the management of discretionary agreements for trusts and entrusted operations, a specialized Discretionary Accounting Management System (DAM) has been designed.Apart from customer management and contract deposits and withdrawals, the system also facilitates trading of various financial products, investment restrictions, automatic generation of related vouchers, and automated contract valuation calculations.

Targets :Fund House, Investment Advisory, Bank and Securities Companies to manage and settle the value of discretionary entrusted agreements.

  • A comprehensive system process that covers daily procedures such as investment research reports, order placement for products, transaction processing, accounting, and audit controls.
  • A complete range of financial instruments, such as domestic and foreign bonds, stocks, futures, options, funds, short-term notes, fixed deposits, and more.
  • User-friendly interface integrated with practical operational workflows for efficient and swift accounting processes.
  • Report verification feature: Provides various accounting and analytical reports to assist in accounting reconciliation and provides relevant reports for review by the Settlor.
  • Capable of profit distribution and supports investment-type contracts.
  • The system possesses expandability and scalability through its integrated, modular, and parameterized design, allowing flexible adjustments, configurations, and expansions according to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.
  • The system offers seamless integration across platforms. If the company’s operations involve fund issuance, the same operational platform can be shared to simplify workflows. It can further integrate with stock order placement systems, enabling automatic transaction transmission and result reporting with brokerage firms (if an order management system is also adopted). This is complemented by comprehensive audit controls with stricter limit management and flexible control settings (if anInvestment Restriction & Guideline System (IRG)