Onshore Transfer Agent System

For investment management companies and fund administration outsourcing service providers, Systemweb Onshore Transfer Agent System is an indispensable core system that is vital for the smooth operation of fund companies. With its comprehensive planning and services, the system facilitates seamless system implementation and setup. It also provides technical consultation, maintenance support, and keeps in sync with relevant market adjustments. This ensures not only the continuous development of future business opportunities but also enhanced system integration capabilities.

Targets :Investment(Fund Company), Investment Consultants, Securities

  • Comprehensive Transaction Features: One Time Investment, RSP Debit, CDSC dividends, Complex Investment Strategies, TDCC Transmission Platform, Deficiency Management, and Consolidated Liquidation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Delicate and Thoughtful Operation Design, Allowing Users to Accomplish Daily Tasks with Utmost Simplicity.
  • Data Reconciliation and No Omissions: Each transaction is managed with a unique reference number (book number), ensuring no data is overlooked. Additionally, there are skip-number controls for both subscription and redemption book numbers.
  • Seamless Integration for Cross-Platform: Unified Integration of Beneficiary Account Opening for both Domestic and Overseas (if Concurrently Purchasing Onshore Transfer Agent System); Online Reservation for Account Opening, and Data Synchronization for Onshore Fund Online Transactions (if Concurrently Purchasing Fund Online Trading System).
  • Convenient Inquiry and Customer Service: Comprehensive Data Inquiry for Customer Transactions, Holdings, and Other Aspects, Recording Customer Interactions and Service Details, Providing a Complete Service History.
  • Payment Deduction Mechanisms: Traditional, ACH, and FIS Payment Deduction Mechanisms.
  • Announcement Setting: Administrators can create custom announcements within the system. When users log in, the announcements will be displayed automatically, effectively reminding users.
  • Review Reminder List and Customized Workflow: Offer EVA review functionality, allowing customers to set review workflows based on different data attributes. When warning messages are ignored, approving personnel can view the list of ignored messages.
  • Customized Reports and Various Option Codes: Administrators can independently set up report approval columns, add explanatory notes, and configure various option codes.
  • Data Modification Record Log: Administrators can independently configure and activate SQL logs for data access to a designated table.